Program Year 2017
July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017
Virginia Agricultural Cost Share Manual


Section I – Policy and Procedures on Soil and Water Conservation District Cost-share and Technical Assistance Funding Allocations

Section II – Cost Share Guidelines

Section III – VACS Best Management Practices

Practice Number Practice Name
CCI-CNT Long Term High Residue Minimum Soil Disturbance SystemsCCI-CNT-1
CCI-FRB-1 Forested Riparian BufferCCI-FRB-1-1
CCI-HRB-1 Herbaceous Riparian BufferCCI-HRB-1-1
CCI-SE-1 Stream ExclusionCCI-SE-1-1
FR-1 Aforestation of Crop, Hay and Pasture LandFR-1-1
FR-3 Woodland Buffer Filter AreaFR-3-1
FR-4 Woodland Erosion StabilizationFR-4-1
LE-2 Livestock Exclusion With Reduced SetbackLE-2-1
NM-1A Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) Writing and Revisions (Annual)NM-1A-1
NM-3C Split Application of Nitrogen on Corn using Pre-Sidedress Nitrate TestNM-3C-1
NM-4 Late Winter Split Application of Nitrogen on Small GrainsNM-4-1
NM-5 Precision Nutrient Management on CroplandNM-5-1
RMP-1 Resource Management Plan (RMP) DevelopmentRMP-1-1
RMP-2 Resource Management Plan (RMP) ImplementationRMP-2-1
SE-1 Vegetative Stabilization of Marsh Fringe AreasSE-1-1
SL-1 Long Term Vegetative Cover on CroplandSL-1-1
SL-3 Strip Cropping SystemsSL-3-1
SL-3B Buffer Strip CroppingSL-3B-1
SL-4 Terrace SystemsSL-4-1
SL-5 DiversionsSL-5-1
SL-6 Stream Exclusion with Grazing Land ManagementSL-6-1
SL-7 Extension of CREP Watering SystemsSL-7-1
SL-8 Protective Cover for Specialty CroplandSL-8-1
SL-8B Small Grain and Mixed Cover Crop for Nutrient Management and Residue ManagementSL-8B-1
SL-8H Harvestable Cover CropSL-8H-1
SL-9 Grazing Land ManagementSL-9-1
SL-11 Permanent Vegetative Cover on Critical AreasSL-11-1
SL-15A Continuous High Residue Minimal Soil Disturbance Tillage SystemSL-15A-1
SL-15B Continuous No-till Forage Production SystemSL-15B-1
WP-1 Sediment Retention, Erosion or Water Control StructuresWP-1-1
WP-2 Stream ProtectionWP-2-1
WP-2A Streambank StabilizationWP-2A-1
WP-3 Sod WaterwaysWP-3-1
WP-4 Animal Waste Control FacilitiesWP-4-1
(MS Excel) NRCS 2012 Risk Assessment for Water Quality Impairment Worksheet
WP-4B Dairy Loafing Lot Management SystemWP-4B-1
(MS Excel) NRCS 2012 Risk Assessment for Water Quality Impairment Worksheet
WP-4C Composting FacilitiesWP-4C-1
WP-4F Animal Mortality Incinerator FacilityWP-4F-1
WP-6 Agricultural Chemical & Fertilizer Handling FacilityWP-6-1
WQ-1 Grass Filter StripsWQ-1-1
WQ-4 Legume Based Cover CropWQ-4-1
WQ-5 Water Table Control StructureWQ-5-1
WQ-11 Agricultural Sinkhole ProtectionWQ-11-1
WQ-12 Roof Runoff Management SystemWQ-12-1

Section IV – Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Tax Credit Program Guidelines

Tax Credit Only Best Management Practices

Practice Number Practice Name
SE-2 Agricultural Shoreline StabilizationSE-2-1
SL-6A Small Acreage Grazing SystemsSL-6A-1
SL-6B Alternative Water SystemSL-6B-1
SL-11B Farm Road, Animal Travel lane, Heavy use Area StabilizationSL-11B-1
WP-2B Stream Crossings & Hardened AccessWP-2B-1
WP-2C Stream Channel StabilizationWP-2C-1
WP-2D Maintenance of Stream Exclusion FencingWP-2D-1
WP-4D Soil Test in Support of Nutrient Management PlanWP-4D-1
WP-4E Animal Waste Structure Pumping EquipmentWP-4E-1
WP-5 Stormwater Retention PondWP-5-1
WP-7 Surface Water Runoff Impoundment for Water QualityWP-7-1
WP-8 Relocation of Confined Feeding Operations from Environmental Sensitive AreasWP-8-1
WQ-6 Constructed WetlandsWQ-6-1
WQ-6B Wetland RestorationWQ-6B-1
WQ-7 Irrigation Water Recycling SystemWQ-7-1
WQ-8 Fuel Storage TreatmentWQ-8-1
WQ-9 Capping/Plugging of Abandoned WellsWQ-9-1
WQ-10 Integrated Pest ManagementWQ-10-1

Section V - Voluntary BMP Reporting Program

Voluntary Best Management Practices

Practice Number Practice Name
VFR-1 Voluntary Aforestation of Crop, Hay and Pasture LandVFR-1-1
VFR-3 Voluntary Forested Riparian BufferVFR-3-1
VFR-4 Voluntary Woodland Erosion StabilizationVFR-4-1
VNM-3C Voluntary Split Application of Nitrogen on Corn when Organic Nitrogen Sources have been Previously AppliedVNM-3C-1
VNM-4 Voluntary Late Winter Split Application of Nitrogen on Small GrainsVNM-4-1
VNM-5 Voluntary Precision Nutrient Management on CroplandVNM-5-1
VSE-1 Voluntary Vegetative Stabilization of Marsh Fringe AreasVSE-1-1
VSE-5 Voluntary Stream Exclusion with or without Grazingland ManagementVSE-5-1
VSL-1 Voluntary Long Term Vegetative Cover on CroplandVSL-1-1
VSL-3 Voluntary Strip Cropping SystemsVSL-3-1
VSL-3B Voluntary Buffer Strip CroppingVSL-3B-1
VSL-4 Voluntary Terrace SystemsVSL-4-1
VSL-5 Voluntary DiversionsVSL-5-1
VSL-6 Voluntary Stream Exclusion with Grazing Land ManagementVSL-6-1
VSL-6A Voluntary Small Acreage Grazing SystemsVSL-6A-1
VSL-6B Voluntary Alternative Water SystemVSL-6B-1
VSL-8 Voluntary Protective Cover for Specialty CroplandVSL-8-1
VSL-8B Voluntary Small Grain and Mixed Cover Crop for Nutrient Management and Residue ManagementVSL-8B-1
VSL-8D Voluntary Cover Crop (may be harvested)VSL-8D-1
VSL-8H Voluntary Harvestable Cover CropVSL-8H-1
VSL-9 Voluntary Grazing Land ManagementVSL-9-1
VSL-11 Voluntary Permanent Vegatative CoverVSL-11-1
VSL-11B Voluntary Farm Road, Animal Travel Lane, Heavy Use Area StabilizationVSL-11B-1
VWP-1 Voluntary Sediment Retention, Erosion, or Water Control StructuresVWP-1-1
VWP-2A Voluntary Streambank StabilizationVWP-2A-1
VWP-2B Voluntary Stream Crossing & Hardened AccessVWP-2B-1
VWP-3 Voluntary Sod WaterwaysVWP-3-1
VWP-4 Voluntary Animal Waste Control FacilitiesVWP-4-1
VWP-4B Voluntary Dairy Loafing Lot Management SystemVWP-4B-1
VWP-4C Voluntary Composting FacilitiesVWP-4C-1
VWP-4F Voluntary Animal Mortality Incinerator FacilityVWP-4F-1
VWP-7 Voluntary Surface Water Runoff Impoundment for Water QualityVWP-7-1
VWQ-1 Voluntary Grass Filter StripsVWQ-1-1
VWQ-4 Voluntary Legume Based Cover CropVWQ-4-1
VWQ-7 Voluntary Irrigation Water Recycling SystemVWQ-7-1
VWQ-10 Voluntary Integrated Pest ManagementVWQ-10-1
VWQ-11 Voluntary Agricultural Sinkhole ProtectionVWQ-11-1
VWQ-12 Voluntary Roof Runoff Management SystemVWQ-12-1

Section VI - Virginia Agricultural BMP Revolving Loan Program Guidelines

Section VII – Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Guidelines

CREP Practices

Practice Number Practice Name
CP-21 CREP Grass Filter StripCP-21-1
CP-22 CREP Riparian Forest BufferCP-22-1
CP-23 CREP Wetland RestorationCP-23-1
CP-29 CREP Wildlife Habitat BufferCP-29-1
CRFR-3 CREP Riparian Forest BufferCRFR-3-1
CRLF-1 CREP Linear Foot of Stream Bank ProtectedCRLF-1-1
CRSL-6 CREP Stream ExclusionCRSL-6-1
CRWP-2 CREP Streambank ProtectionCRWP-2-1
CRWQ-1 CREP Herbaceous Riparian BuffersCRWQ-1-1
CRWQ-6B CREP Wetland RestorationCRWQ-6B-1
CRWQ-11 CREP Agricultural Sinkhole ProtectionCRWQ-11-1

Section VIII - Virginia Poultry Litter Transport Incentive Program

Section IX - Glossary and Forms

Revised May 2016